Welcome To The Park

We have moved to http://wonderlandstheone.com/ so please bookmark that site as I will no longer be updating this page.

Thanks for all the contributions guys! Please keep them coming!


Situated in Maple, Ontario, now known as the city of Vaughn, Canada’s Wonderland boasted 30 attractions and four themed areas upon it’s opening. Since then it has expanded to become an internationally recognized theme park, and thrill ride destination.

This site hopes to provide an insight into the early beginnings of the park, all the way through to it’s current incarnation as a part of The Cedar Fair family. It’s very much a labour of love for me, and hopefully you will all enjoy the walk down memory lane.

If you have any pictures, videos, or stories you’d like to share – please do not hesitate to get in touch. I hope to make this a full fledged time capsule of our beloved park for future generations to enjoy and add to.

I try to credit all photos and information back to their initial source, however if there is anything on the site that you wish to be credited, or removed please contact me on here or via twitter @comedy_girl.



Share your Wonderland memories..

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