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1981 commerical spot for the park.

1984 White Water Canyon commerical.

1985 commercial via RetroTy: The Pulse of Nostalgia

1985 Smurfs Cups McDonald’s commercial via Retrontario

1986 commerical (and possibly my favorite).

1987 Wonderland’s The One commericial.

1987 Commerical for The Bat

Thank you to reader Steven for finding, and sending us this link!

1987 McDonald’s Wonderland cups commercial ia Retrontario

1989 Timber Wolf Falls commercial.

1989 McDonald’s Wonderland cups commerical via Retrontario

1991 commerical for The Vortex.

1992 seasonal commercial, advertising Splash Works

1995 commercial

Please go thank Youtuber Travis Doucette for most of these gems.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME.


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